Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Allow me to (re) introduce myself...

The radio made me do it.

After listening to the same 6 CD's in my car for the past few months (iPod broke and I'm lucky to have a 6 disc CD player), I decided to turn on the radio to see if anything had changed since the last time I resorted to my CD collection. Afterall, I am a media buyer so I probably should know what has been happening on the air waves. I first tuned into the local Top 40 station to hear the pre-pubescent voice of "The Bieber". Next, please. I then tuned into the local hip-hop station to hear someone bragging about "supermaning a hoe". What? "Alright, there has to be some good music on the radio", I mumbled to myself. My last hope was the local alternative rock station. "Anything but Nickelback!", I exclaimed. The next sound I hear is Chad Kroger's annoyingly raspy voice. Looks like it's back to my CD collection.

What has "Popular" music become? It seems like anyone with half a voice who can do a little two-step (i.e. ke$ha) can get a record deal and instant fame nowadays. Nevermind artists with actual talent who can hold a tune and jam on an instrument.

Here is where I come in. My purpose for this blog is to showcase real artists with real talent on both a local and national level. I will accomplish this by posting weekly artist spotlights, new album reviews every Tuesday, music video reviews, my perspective on trending topics in music and interesting articles that (I hope) you would enjoy.

Music has had such an impact on my life and I want my followers to feel that same impact. There is nothing greater than getting lost in music that eases your mind and calms your soul.

I encourage you to stick around, open your ears and let the music take you away.

Stay tuned...

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